Medenka Beeswax Crayons Creative Set (6 colors) + colouring books + colored paper sheets


“My first creativity set” is a creative set intended for kids between ages 3 – 6,  who are starting to discover the world of artistic expression. The set includes 6 natural beeswax crayons, with shape specially developed for small children’s hands. The compact shape of the crayons also ensures that the crayons do not break and are therefore safe to use.

The set includes coloring books with which the little ones will practice the accuracy of coloring large surfaces, and they will develop their creativity on the attached colored drawing sheets (10 colored sheets)


Medenka beeswax Crayons

Medenka beeswax crayons are handmade with pure virgin beeswax, proudly produced with love and care for nature in a small green European country – Slovenia – a homeland of beekeepers and apiculture. Do not be surprised by the fact that there are 5 beekeepers per 1000 inhabitants in a population of just two million. Our company is based on a 150 years old family heritage of beekeeping. Beekeeping is written in our genes!

All natural & safe

Only the best natural ingredients are good enough to deserve a place in our unique 100% natural crayons. Pure virgin beeswax, produced in a traditional way free of pesticides and antibiotics, just enough plant based waxes and oils to get the perfect hardness and organic pigments make Medenka crayons safe in contact with skin or mouth. They are even safe if consumed.

Pleasant natural smell

Thanks to pure homemade virgin beeswax, Medenka crayons have a pleasant natural scent. Sometimes it can have floral back note, but generally you can smell a hint of honey.

Sustainable & Low impact

Medenka beeswax crayons are handmade with pure beeswax made by honeybees, our little co-workers. As they produce sweet honey, beeswax is made as a by-product. It takes 8 kg of honey to produce 1 kg of beeswax. Thank you bees for your good work!


Unlike other crayons, Medenka crayons aren’t wrapped in paper. We want children to be in physical contact with natural material they use to express themselves. For authenticity reasons be sure to find the 3D logo of brand “MEDENKA” casted in our crayons. This unique feature sets us apart from any other crayons manufacturer out there.


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