Juicy flavours

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Our Honey Sticks are a delectable treat for kids of all ages. We source pure, high-quality honey and transform it into convenient and mess-free sticks that children can enjoy on the go. Each Honey Stick is filled with the natural sweetness of honey and fruit, making it a wholesome alternative to processed sugars. Whether it’s a quick energy boost, a sweet addition to a lunchbox, or a delightful snack, our Honey Sticks are the perfect choice for parents who prioritize their children’s health and happiness.


“My kids love it!

They just peel of the label and suck sweet honey out of the straw. We never have to worry about the sticky mess they made by eating honey out of the jar. Thank you for this! “

Nina (Happy customer)

We say NO to additives

Medenka is 100% natural product made of best quality flower honey & freeze dried fruit. That’s right, NO refined sugar, NO artificial food dyes, NO artificial flavors, NO preservatives. Only natural goodies!

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