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Our Company Api-Line d.o.o. with registered brand Medenka specializes in developing and producing innovative honey-based products specially intended for our youngest. We care about their future as they are our future. For them to experience the beauty of nature the way we did in our childhood is our responsibility. That is why sustainability is our key focus with everything we do. 

We are from Slovenia, a small country in southern central Europe,  a homeland of beekeepers and api-culture. Do not be surprised by the fact that there are 5 beekeepers per 1000 inhabitants in a population of just two million. Beekeeping is in our genes.

Our company is based on a 150 years old family heritage of beekeeping. 

Aljaz and Miha founders of Medenka

Our journey begins in 2015 when two lifelong friends Aljaz and Miha developed their first product – Medenka honey sticks, 100% natural sweets made of honey and fruit. Medenka honey sticks became very popular thanks to popular TV show “Štartaj Slovenja!” or “Start Slovenia!” in which the biggest retailer “Interspar Slovenia” gives start-ups a chance to present their innovative products. Among 300 products only 8 were chosen and Medenka honey sticks were one of them. Today we sell our honey sticks in all Intersapar and Spar stores, many convenience stores, schools and kindergartens all across the country.

Kids drawing with crayons
Medenka crayons junior closed packaging

In 2019/2020 we developed a brand new line of products – Medenka beeswax crayons. Again we became a part of  the TV show “Start Slovenia!”, one of 9 all time best to ever participate. This time the most important criteria was SUSTAINABILITY. We created a 100% sustainable product using beeswax that remained when honey for our honey sticks was produced, organic pigments and 100% recyclable packaging. Medenka beeswax crayons became one of the best selling crayons in our country. 

In 2022 we started to export to USA, Germany, Poland and UK. 

Our vision is to become a worldwide recognizable brand that offers high quality all natural honey based products for our next generations. 

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